Monday, 13 September 2010

Slavoj Zizek on Desire and 'the law' (notes from the ZIZEK! DVD)

Modern Advertising and Desire vs. Freedom

- coffee without caffeine
- milk without fat
- 'sex' without sex
- war without civillian casualties - 'peacekeeping'
- laxative chocolate (it's own counter-agent)

this illustrates the paradox that the absence of law universalises prohibition ("without God everything is prohibited"). Enjoyment itself depends on feeling of transgression. Law imposes pleasure by guilt.

Therefore freedom is to escape the desire of enjoyment.

Absolute Truth

Philosphy is not stupid metaphysical questions or "playing with absolute truth - which we all know is inaccessible'. The question is not "is there truth?' but 'what do you mean when you say 'this is true'".

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