Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tether: DAY ZERO at Castlefield Gallery

I went the Day Zero event today, and stayed for the evening talks. I thought it was an exciting, experimental event and I've never done so much networking before. It's the talks that I want to talk about. Artist collective Tether had invited four people, all artists I think, to give really informal talks about any topic that interests them. Apparently the original intended reference to American lifestyle seminars, where audience members stand up and shout out what's on their mind, was slightly lost. It ended up more like show and tell for Artists.

Joanne Masding discussed 'bugs' that she likes, with images projected. Her particular favourites included green shield bugs, which you might see in your garden (below, I think this is the same image she used).

She said she liked to imagine what it might be like to be an insect, and referred to ants which work together like a 'super organism' and know their roles. I recognised this idea or desire from Christianity; in the Bible it says 'in Christ we who are many form one body', and I think it is meant more than metaphorically.

Tom Ireland spoke about his enthusiasm for the Apollo space program, which put men on the moon. He described it as being a massive thing which was beyond his comprehension. Despite the program's (1961-1975) 'relative historical proximity', he explained the inadequacies of his experience of it via the internet - 'reduced to images'. I found his genuine awe for an idea, something he had never seen, really interesting and perhaps related to utopia, religion or the sublime.

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