Thursday, 5 January 2012

Go Robson Go!

Robson Cezar, who I worked with for the Eat, Use, Destroy ;) exhibition, has just appeared on the front page of the Internationl Herald Tribune.

The image shows Robson holding one of his bottle-top pieces, featuring the word 'strike'. He was at the time curating an outdoor exhibition in support of the Occupy London protests, despite previous insistence that his work itself is not politically concerned. The open air show was entitled 'everyone is an artist', in homage to Joseph Beuys. Participation meant that you had to hold or wear your artwork. During the event Robson also spent time creating bottle top pictures with participants.

In terms of Cezar's practice, this front page is a gift - an artwork engaging with the strikes has been absorbed into the main medium through which the strikes are perceived, the media. Is it opportunistic however, a jump onto the Occupy bandwagon? I'm under the impression that some see polite protest as an affront to 'real' protest - the angry protest that gets things changed in truly dire situations. I think Cezar's project was earnest, and characteristicly playful, touched as ever with his Brazilian identity. I'd like to think there's a place for polite, as well as more radical, protest.

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